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Ryan Harris

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson



What's your name? Ryan Harris

Where are you from? Churubusco, NY

Where do you live? Morrisonville

How long have you been in Real Estate? Although just starting out I am eager to do what needs to done for all future clients

What's your favorite part about living in our area? I enjoy having all 4 seasons and the different activities that come with them. Such as snowmobiling, four wheeling, softball, and hunting/fishing

What's your favorite book? I don’t read many books but American Sniper or thrillers

What's your favorite movie? Just about anything with Will Ferrell

What movie have you seen the most? Probably Step Brothers or Talladega Nights

What's your guilty pleasure go-to TV show? Supernatural or any car restoration shows

What's your dream vacation? Italy

What item do you have a lot of? Tools

Do you prefer:

Harry Potter OR Lord of The Rings? Lord of the rings. I have only seen 2 Harry Potter movies

Star Wars OR Star Trek?  never could watch all of either one

Marvel Comics OR DC Comics? I grew up a big Batman fan so I’ll say DC. Although marvel has made better movies of late

Game of Thrones OR Vikings? Game of Thrones

Sopranos OR Breaking Bad? Breaking Bad

The Office OR Friends? Friends

Real Tree OR Fake Tree? Real

Snickers OR Twix? Snickers

Reeses Cups OR Reeses Pieces? Cups 100%