Fair Housing Notice
Local Matters.

Where are you from? Owego, NY

Where do you live? Peru, NY

How long have you been in Real Estate? Since January 2020

What's your favorite part about living in our area? The breweries and the friendly residents!

What's your favorite book? Currently “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult (everything she writes is AMAZING)

What's your favorite movie? Either Dirty Dancing OR Halloween (1978)

What movie have you seen the most? National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

What's your guilty pleasure go-to TV show? Gilmore Girls!

What's your dream vacation? A cabin in the ADK, in peak of fall with no phone/TV, WiFi with my other half! (this is really a thing in Schroon Lake area)!

What item do you have a lot of? Is dog hair an answer?

Do you prefer:

Harry Potter OR Lord of The Rings? Harry potter even though I’ve never seen either!

Star Wars OR Star Trek? Star Wars even though I haven’t seen either (either!)

Marvel Comics OR DC Comics? DC comics

Game of Thrones OR Vikings? Game of Thrones

Sopranos OR Breaking Bad? Sopranos all day long - obsessed with Carmela!

The Office OR Friends? The Office

Real Tree OR Fake Tree? Fake tree! I want to get one of the completely decorated trees with bulbs and all!

Snickers OR Twix? Snickers ice cream bar!

Reeses Cups OR Reeses Pieces? Reese’s Cups!