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Hannah Wilson

C: 518-578-7944
O: 518-562-4679

What's your name?  Hannah I Wilson

Where are you from?  Plattsburgh, NY

Where do you live?  Plattsburgh, NY

How long have you been in Real Estate? Since interning for a year and 5 months and licensed since September 2019

What's your favorite part about living in our area? Being able to walk outside my door and go for a hike... driving and hour and a half and going shopping... being around good people

What's your favorite book? Rich Dad Poor Dad

What's your favorite movie?  Chasing  Mavericks

What movie have you seen the most?  SpiderMan

What's your guilty pleasure go-to TV show? That 70's Show

What's your dream vacation? Banff National Park

What item do you have a lot of?  Clothing :)

Do you prefer:

Harry Potter OR Lord of The Rings?  Honestly neither but I guess Harry Potter

Star Wars OR Star Trek?  Neither but if I had to choose Star Wars

Marvel Comics OR DC Comics?  Marvel Comics for sure

Game of Thrones OR Vikings? I don't even know what Vikings is so Game of Thrones

Sopranos OR Breaking Bad? I'm gonna go with Breaking bad

The Office OR Friends? Definitely The Office but I like that 70's Show the most

Real Tree OR Fake Tree? I would prefer real but I have a fake tree

Snickers OR Twix? Twix all the way!

Reeses Cups OR Reeses Pieces?  Reeses Cup, Yum!